The RISE Methodology

At RISE, we believe that a successful classroom is one in which the students' zeal to learn is matched by the teacher's passion to teach. We lay emphasis on selecting the right set of students and providing them with coaching and personalized mentoring to help them meet their goals.

You can understand more about our methodology by reading below:

At RISE, we believe in quality over quantity. We want to maintain a high teacher-to-student ratio to ensure that every student gets personalized attention. The aim of this process is to hand-pick a small batch of self-motivated, talented and capable students. While selecting students, we lay as much emphasis on the student's enthusiasm to learn and potential to achieve as we do on their marks so far.
The selection will be done on the basis of:
   a.  Recommendations from school/faculty
   b.  Academic performance over the years
   c.  Performance in the screening test conducted by the institute

RISE believes that our strength is in bringing the best teaching methods and tools and constantly improving on them.

We will offer:
   a.  A well thought-out, scientific and exhaustive teaching methodology made by IIT Alumni, would be followed w.r.t. board and entrance examinations
   b.  Access to well-researched and comprehensive study material for all students
   c.  Regular feedback sessions with the class to ensure that the students are maximally utilizing their time spent in class

Students will be mentored individually at regular intervals in order to understand their individual capabilities and help them realize their own potential and skill-set.

We will offer:
   a.  There will be regular 1-on-1 discussions with students to understand his/her concerns about the teaching methodology, tests or study patterns
   b.  Students' strengths/weaknesses would be identified based on regular tests conducted
   c.  The mentor will suggest tailor made strategies for each student based on his/her capabilities, skill-sets and ambitions