10 Selections in IITs
80+ Selections in NITs/IIITs


7 Selections in IITs
80+ Selections in NITs/IIITs
Selections in University of Pennsylvania, Princeton & Prude


2 Selections in IITs
42+ Selections in NITs/IIITs
Selections in University of Washington, Princeton University


4 Selections in IITs
25+ Selections in NITs/IIITs

Star Performers

Mohammad Athar

IIT Kharagpur

Faisal Rafiq

IIT Kharagpur

Huzaibul Hassan

IIT Roorkee

Sajid Aijaz

IIT Kharagpur

Yawar Altaf

IIT Kanpur

Raja Fida

IIT Bhubaneswar


IIT Kanpur

Malik Aneeb

IIT Bombay

Yusra Shabir

GMC Srinagar

Falah Fayaz

GMC Srinagar

Nehan Yousuf

GMC Srinagar

Adeeba Tak

University of Pennsylvania

Moin Mir

Princeton University

Kaleem Khan

IIT Dhanbad

Aqib Amin

IIT Kharagpur


IIT Dhanbad

Tabish Niyaz

GMC Srinagar

Anwar Khalid


Hasir Mushtaq


Wasim Khan


Muhtashim Rafiqi

BITS Pilani

Madeha Gul

BITS Pilani

What our students say about us

"I dreamt of studying at IIT Bombay. I found the preparations for JEE very interesting, and gave it my best. Unfortunately, my health did not support me during my first attempt. I was dejected and disheartened. That's when I learnt about RISE, an institute in Kashmir. They ecouraged me to give it another try. They guided me, addressed my weaknesses and helped me identify my strengths.They ensured I got access to the best resources, content and test series. RiSE was the right step towards realizing my dream of studying at IIT Bombay."
-Malik Aneeb is currently pursuing B. Tech. in electrical engineering from IIT Bombay

Moin Mir: I am currently a sophomore at Princeton University. The experience has been overwhelming, and I am very grateful for this amazing opportunity. I had been working for something like this for a long time but RiSE helped me fully realize this dream. My mentors there helped me with the finer things like the standardized tests and the college application but more importantly, they made me believe that I can succeed and became an essential part of my support system through a tough journey in an even tougher environment. The structure of the classes and process of teaching is one of a kind in Kashmir and is well suited to prepare you for competitive exams like JEE Advanced. I am very grateful to this institution and hopeful that they will continue to help more and more students to achieve their goals.

Adeeba: When I was a freshman in high school, I knew exactly what I wanted to be in my life. I was very ambitious and had very clear goals - I wanted to go to an IIT. But being from Shopian, I lacked the support and guidance that I needed. After RTSE I moved to Srinagar and joined RiSE. I can say that RiSE changed my life for the absolute good. They provided me with the necessary guidance and resources not just for JEE but for all the exams that could possibly lead me to my goal of becoming a good engineer. Now that I am a sophomore in college, I think back and realize how much the teachers at RiSE have done to make sure that the struggles I faced to shift to a different city, and everything that comes with it, don’t go to waste. They made sure that I make something out of myself and for that I will always be indebted to this institution.

Yawar: “Studying in Kashmir, you can’t get into an IIT”. That’s what people around me used to say. I myself believed this as I was never the most brilliant student in my class. IIT was more like a dream than a goal for me. Then, I joined RiSE and my whole perspective changed. I realised that, although difficult, it wasn’t impossible to crack JEE and get into an IIT. So, I started working as hard as I could. At first, I was having a lot of trouble. It seemed as if my hard work wasn’t paying off. When I had lost hope, my teachers at RiSE told me that it was never going to be easy, and if you want to succeed, you must never give up no matter how difficult things get. So, I picked myself up and started working even harder. I studied hours and hours everyday. It wasn’t easy, as I was told, but with every passing day, I got a bit better. With all the hard work and my teachers’ amazing methodology, I finally achieved my dream goal. “Studying in Kashmir, you can’t get into an IIT”, they said. “Hi, I’m Yawar Altaf studying at IIT Kanpur”, I replied.